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Property Value Notices

Annual Property Value Notices

You may receive a Property Value Notice due to changes in ownership, new construction, or other activities to your property. Also, you may receive a notice if your Taxable Value has been temporarily reduced under Proposition 8, or if your Taxable Value has increased more than 2% to return to its Proposition 13 value. The Taxable Value of property provided on this notice is used to calculate the annual property tax bill.

Property owners will not receive a Property Value Notice if the Taxable Value is equal to their prior year's Proposition 13 Value plus an inflation rate.

Proposition 13 establishes a Base Year Value for real property when it was acquired and limits increases in the Taxable Value to an inflation rate not to exceed 2% annually plus any new construction.

If you disagree with the valuation of your property after receiving the notice or the tax bill, or would like to request a copy of your Property Value Notice, please contact the Assessor Department at (714) 834-2727. We welcome the opportunity to answer any of your questions and explain your assessment.

  • Annual (Beige Notice)

    If you were mailed a Beige Notice, this indicates that your Taxable Value is the Proposition 13 Value and may reflect changes in ownership, new construction, other property activities, or returned to its Proposition 13 Value.

  • Annual (Blue Notice)

    If you were mailed a Blue Notice, this indicates that the Taxable Value of your property is LOWER than your Proposition 13 Value.

Supplemental Assessment Notices 

State law requires the Assessor to revalue property when it changes ownership, and to add the value of new construction when it is completed. Changes in the ownership of real estate, or building something new may generate a one-time Supplemental Assessment Notice. Supplemental notices are mailed several times each year.

  • Supplemental Assessments
    Depending on the date of change of ownership or completion of new construction, you may receive one or two supplemental bills.

Filing An Assessment Appeal

If after contacting the Assessor Department, your value concerns are not resolved, you can file an assessment appeal.

Assessment Appeals Application must be filed between July 2 and November 30 (the new extended appeals filing date) or the following business day if the filing period falls on a weekend. Please contact the Clerk of the Board of Supervisors, Assessment Appeals Division, for more information on filing an assessment appeal at (714)834-2331 or file an Assessment Appeal Application form online.