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General Information

The lien date is the day that the taxes become a debt on the property and/or owners, even though the valuation and tax bills have not yet been computed and mailed. The tax lien date is January 1. (R&T Code 2192)

 The issues of non-payment of taxes needs to be addressed with the Tax Collector's office.

The taxes are calculated by the Auditor-Controller. Property tax rates vary by area. In Orange County the tax rates average approximately 1.1% of the property's taxable value. For instance, if the taxable value is $10,000, the property taxes could be about $110.

The State Constitution requires that the (Orange County) Assessor identify and value all property in the county for property tax purposes each year.

The Auditor-Controller determines property tax rates and ultimately the tax amount. (website or 714-834-2455).

The Tax Collector is responsible for the collection of taxes. (website or 714- 834-3411).

The Clerk of the Board's Office issues appeals forms and schedules property assessment appeals. (website or 714-834-2331).