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Veteran's Exemption

Exemptions Available to Veterans

If you have questions about either the Veterans' or Disabled Veterans' exemption please call (714) 834-5945.

Veterans' Exemption

  • A $4,000 exemption for any property that is owned by an eligible veteran and is subject to property taxes. This exemption can be applied to real estate, a boat, or plane, or property used in a trade, profession or business.
  • This exemption is also available to a surviving spouse and/or the parents of a deceased veteran.
  • Because the Homeowners’ Exemption of $7,000 provides greater savings than this one, most California veteran homeowners choose the Homeowners’ Exemption.

Disabled Veterans' Exemption

  • This exemption applies to the home of a person (or a person’s spouse) who is, or has been, injured in military service.
  • In general, injuries that qualify a veteran for the exemption include: (1) total disability, (2) blindness, or (3) has lost the use of two or more limbs.
  • The amount(s) of the exemption depend upon: (1) the type of injury, and (2) the household income.
  • A Basic Exemption is available to 100% disabled veterans with no income limitation. The exemption of $100,000 is adjusted annually.
  • A Low-Income Exemption is available to 100% disabled veterans with a household income under a specified amount. The exemption of $150,000 is adjusted annually.
  • Exemption applications are due February 15, or on or before the 30th day following the date of Notice of Supplemental Assessment, whichever comes first.
Preliminary Eligibility for the Disabled Veterans’ Exemption

Revenue and Taxation Code section 205.5 subdivision (k) allows a County Assessor to provide written or electronic determination of preliminary eligibility for the Disabled Veterans’ Exemption. 

Late Applications

Late applications filed up to December 10 may receive a percentage of the allowable exemption amount.

Link to the DIsabled Veteran's Exemption form