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Property Info & Maps

Current Charges For Assessor Roll Products

New! The Assessor Department will now accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover without any service fees in-person at the Public Service Counter. See here for more information.

  • Assessor roll products are ONLY AVAILABLE in-person at our Public Service Center or by written request
  • Please call (714) 834-2727 for pricing and more information

Assessor Parcel Maps

Pages (11" x 17") $1.50 each + Shipping
Index Map of Assessor Map Books (36" x 36") $4.00 each + Shipping

Photocopy Pages

Each page $0.15 each + Shipping
Additional copies of same page $0.15 each + Shipping

Other Products

All Certifications $1.00 each
Assessor Roll Pages (Reader Printer or Screen Print) $1.00 each + Shipping
Book Copies - Per Page (Limited to subject and directly related to property) $0.15 each + Shipping
Comp Sales Information** (Real property only, manufactured home comparables are not available) (The use and costs are subject to Assessor procedures in effect for this product) $10.00

Mailing/Shipping Charges: Please call for pricing - (714) 834-2727 (Charges may vary based on size and weight of request)

** Comp Sales Information: At this time, requests for comparable sales information cannot be handled by mail. Please come to the Assessor Public Service Center in person for assistance.

Revised: 8/09/2021